Zest-itⓇ Acrylic
Brush Cleaner

Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner and reivier group picture

Use Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner to clean Acrylic residue from your brushes and/or revive brushes stiff with dried Acrylic and bring them back to life. Wash brushes after cleaning with soap and water and allow to dry.

Will remove most paint and ink Acrylic based products, will also remove Acrylic from hard surfaces and canvas/paper, wipe with a damp cloth to remove cleaner, allow to dry.

Excellent for cleaning brushes without drying them out and making them brittle. Wash with soap and water after using. Wear Nitrile gloves if skin is sensitive and eye protection if splashes are likely.

Available sizes - 125 ml up to 1 Litre Bottles.

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Zest-it Acrylic Brush Cleaner and Reviver in use


Safe to travel by road, sea and air. Not tested on Animals