Zest-itⓇ Glue Dot Remover

Zest-it Masking FLuid Remover 50ml picture

Especially for use by Decoupage, Card makers and Crafters.

How often have you used those permanent dots or pads to make sure your creation stayed in place, then some how it got stuck in the wrong place? If you pull it off - you know it will tear your hard work....well now we have the answer to your prayers - Zest-it Glue Dot Remover!

To use:- apply a small amount of Zest-it Glue Dot Remover using a long soft filament brush along the edge of the dot, wait 30-60 seconds. Slide the brush along the edge again, using the bristles of the brush to gently lift the dot and its stickiness from the surface. A pair of tweezers is also useful for lifting the dot away. Re-apply as necessary.

Allow to fully dry before handling, or re-sticking. 

Available in 50 ml bottles







Masking fluid being removed